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"Don't join the burners. Don't be afraid to go to your library and read every book, as long as any document does not offend your own ideas of decency; that should be your only censorship." - Dwight D. Eisenhower - 1953

My New Website * Video Production Support *
Nielsen Research Paper * Nielsen Commercial Ratings research paper website *
Snow day in Oswego!!! First time in about 10 years. * Pictures of Oswego Snow. *
I 100%'d four different superheroes. I guess they're all the same??? I don't get it. * Which Superhero are you? My results. *
December 16, 2006 – Wow, 6 years.
The other day at the TV station I went and looked at the weather forcast... Here's what NAM had to say. *
NAM80 prediction - bunny style. *
The TV Station * WTOP 10 – Your Television *
The Radio Station * 88.9FM WNYO Oswego, NY *
Vivid Hosting rocks. * Vivid-Hosting: Dedicated servers and Colocation, specializing in game servers, tell them that 'tons' refered you. *
VatSim * [VatSim status indicator]
I've started flying (again) on VatSim. *
CW over mIRC??? * So we started working on a way to get CW over mIRC. Based upon the cwirc protocol. *
Compaq Portable III Images!!! * Digital Images of the Compaq Portable III. Finally. *
FOUND: Desert Island * FOUND: Desert Island
Can you last for a day on FOUND Island?
xMoo too! * xMoo
is a great stock market style game. *
iCLOD Rocks! * iCLOD is a great [strategy/roleplaying/simulation/I really don't know how to describe it] game. Click Here to Play It! *
I AM AMIGAOS3.5 * You are Amiga OS. Ahead of your time.  You keep a lot of balls in the air.  If only your parents had given you more opportunities to suceed.
Which OS are You?
New Cat * Temporary name "Baby Girl" - See pictures here. *
Board Game Geek - Games I have/want * Board Game Geek - Games I have/want *
This page will soon be obsoleted by... A NEW INTERACTIVE PAGE!!!
Click here to install the required Anark Client. *
see the work in progress here
[requires Anark Client] *
Funny Stuff - How to drive like a moron * How to drive like a moron *
Toreun's Site * Toreun's Site *
New Idea!
[probably not to be update often] *
Photo of the Moment
doctored image to make it appear as if it was raining
NEW!!! Scan. * Illuminati New World Order's "Trading Card Games " *
Added a section for lightwave * Lightwave Section *
Fluxx!!! * I added a Fluxx page!!! *
Sniffnoy's Website * Noy convinced me to add this... *
New Amiga Site!!!! July 27, 2002 * New Amiga Site!!!! July 27, 2002 *
Visit my AutoRefresher Loop... * 1 min refresh>59 sec refresh>50 refresh>1 min refresh>59 sec refresh>50 refresh>..... *
Visit my Scrollbar Designer * Scrollbar Designer *
December 16, 2000
I made this site and took source from... *
Eric The Green's VB Source and Group Web Page *
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