Just what is FLUXX?

Fluxx is "The game with the ever-changing rules." -- Rule booklet
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Why does FLUXX have a rule booklet if its rules are ever-changing?

"The world may never know." -- no, wait, that's how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop

How can i print my own Fluxx cards on Fluxx Blanxx [see LooneyLabs' website for info on purchasing blanxx]?

Check here

My card ideas

* = Has been printed, ready for playtesting
** = Has been playtested
^^ = Not my idea.
^ = Made up myself, but was then informed that it existed


Nothing** - No picture
Fnord^ - Picture of a question mark
News - Picture of a newspaper


What is war good for?* -- War + Nothing
You got Nothing** -- Just nothing, like AYNIL
The Daily Fnord -- News + Fnord -- A picture of the Daily Fnord
TV News -- News + TV
Dateline -or- Time Magazine -- Time + News I am leaning more towards Dateline

-1 Cards in hand** -- The player that has -1 or fewer cards in hand wins. If more than one player has -1 cards in hand, continue playing until there is a clear winner.
Blindness -- Eye + Nothing

Goals needing development

I got an idea for a whole series: 'Chrononaut' [Time+PERSON], 'Cosmonaut' [Space + Person], SCUBA Diver [Water + Person], Little Devil [Fire + Person] etc.


Move a Keeper -- Take a keeper from any player and give it to any player.
Pilfer the Deck -- Like pilfer the trash, but the bottom 3 cards of the deck.
Recycle Keepers (Jan. 16, 2003) -- Count the number of keepers each player has. Remove all keepers from all players and the deck and trash. Shuffle these keepers together. Deal to each player the number of keepers that you counted previously for him/her. Shuffle the remaining keepers in with the deck.

New Rules

Fnord Blindness -or- "If you don't see the fnord, it can't eat you" [Sniffnoy] -- If any player has fnord on the table and any player has an eye on the table, remove all keepers other than the eye from the player with eye on the table. This player may play keepers, but they will immediately enter the trash, and he/she cannot claim victory using a played keeper
X=X+2 (Jan. 13, 2003) -- Addative, not contradictory to X=X+1 [if both are in force, X=X+3]
Upside down rule (Jan. 13, 2003 - not yet named) -- New Rules must be placed upside down when played. Anyone in violation of this rule must destroy one of his/her own keepers. If he/she does not have any keepers, their attempt to play a New Rule fails and that New Rule card goes to the trash. This rule affects itself.
UN-NAMED (Jan. 13, 2003 - to remain un-named) -- No player may look at the face of an upside down New Rule card. Any player in violation of this rule discards all of his/her keepers except for 0.

(c) 2003 Eric J. Adler
All cards are my own ideas unless otherwise noted
All cards that I created without dates beside them were thought up on Saturday, January 11, 2003.